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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Request a Demo?

Click on " Plans and pricing " Tab ,there you can contact us for demo , post demo you can use the app free for 15 days. 

Does it give project timeline for monitoring?

Yes , you can create timeline for your purchases and monitor it's milestones.

Is there any templates to create Quotation ?

Yes ,once login you check different templates .

Do staart have vendors and Site engineers app too?

Yes, we do have Vendor and Site engineer apps separately. which help to streamline their daily work thus increase the overall efficiency of the project.

Who should be using staart app?

Staart app is designed for mid -small size builder ,contractor and interior build firm to stream line their work proceses.

Can we make drawing in staart app?

No, staart app is helpful for construction management. You can upload your drawing and revisions but can't make drawings.

How difficult is to use staart app?

Initially it may take 1-2 weeks to adopt it as per your construction processes, once it's done it's as easy as sharing and typing whatsapp messages .

Is it possible to geo track the material and vendors ?

No , this is not in our feature list yet .

Why our charges are low unlike any other CRM software ?

Staart is meant for small to mid size builder who generally lack any professional assistance ,which are easy to use and economical  .Staart fill this gap by providing economical and ease to use tool  .

How secure is my data ?

staart have end to end encryption policy for all of your data , so no one can have access to it .

Does staart have vendors on platform ?

Yes, staart have more than 250  vendors which are on it's platform .Builder can easily get quotes from them.

What is the one USP of staart ?

Unlike managing your procurement and onboarding   separately with STAART you can manage and buy both at single platform ,thus help to optimize operation.

Is it available on android and iOS?

staart admin is webapp rest others Site engineers, vendors and clients are currently available on android .Soon in future we'll release iOS version .

How many users staart have ?

Currently it's in the early stage where it's live on 7 different companies and till now released more than 500 POs/WOs

How Staart app simplify construction ?

For small -mid size builder who are growing ,manage their projects through excel sheets and whatsapp ,staart is more focused construction industry tool which in future will  reduce the dependency upon whatsapp and excel .

Does staart has live monitoring feature?

Yes with Ai-enabled camera staart capable to manages entire site security.

Is is available in local language ?

Yes , staart vendor app is available in local languages.

How can Staart ensures quality ?

We understand quality is subjective ,difficult to measure ,at staart we have 100s of construction video of how to do different construction jobs, which are accessible to vendors and site engineers .Thus one can discuss quality based on videos .

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